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BEM uses as a guide the list for Professional/Chartered Engineer by the accreditation organisations of the country where the degree is issued. Candidates are advised to check with the relevant Engineering Accreditation bodies' web site for the list recognised degrees of professional chartered level. However, BEM reserves the right to review the list at any time without notice.

The recognition of engineering degree from overseas (full time/twinning) will be based on the accreditation given by professional bodies who are signatories of Washington Accord:

Professional Body Member Since Website
Australia The Institution of Engineers Australia 1989
Canada Canadian Council of Professional Engineers 1989
Chinese Taipei Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan 2007
Hong Kong The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 1995
India National Board of Accreditation
(Applies only to programmes accredited by NBA offered by education provides accepted by NBA as Tier 1 institutions.)

Ireland Institution of Engineers of Ireland 1989
Japan Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education 2005
Korea Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea 2007
Malaysia Board of Engineers Malaysia 2009
New Zealand The Institution of Professional Engineers, New Zealand 1989
Russia Russian Association for Engineering Education 2012

Institution of Engineers Singapore


South Africa

Engineering Council of South Africa

Sri Lanka Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka 2014
Turkey Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs 2011
United Kingdom The Engineering Council (EC) 1989
United States Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology 1989



Organisations holding provisional status
 have been identified as having qualification accreditation or recognition procedures that are potentially suitable for the purposes of the Accord; those organisations are further developing those procedures with the goal of achieving signatory status in due course; qualifications accredited or recognised by organisations holding provisional status are not recognised by the signatories

Country Represented by
Bangladesh Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education
China China Association for Science and Technology
Pakistan Pakistan Engineering Council
Philippines Philippine Technolgical Council