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Recommended Format of Reports for Accredited Checker Application

A candidate need to submit reports as follows:-

  1. Compulsory Examination Report - Compulsory.
  2. Supplementary Examination Report – Candidate is strongly recommended to submit in order to show the extent his experience.

These reports need to be submitted in three (3) copies.

The requirements of the report are:

  1. Compulsory and Supplementary Examination reports shall be prepared and made exclusively for Accredited Checker examination.
  2. Each report shall not exceed 150 pages of A4 size papers with empty border at all sides of the paper not smaller than 2.5cm with font not smaller than New Times Roman Font Size 11. Drawings shall be submitted in A3 size papers.
  3. Reports prepared for company project or authority submission will not be accepted.
  4. Computer data printouts shall not be included in the report, instead to submit the summary of the input and output with justification and explanations.
  5. The Compulsory Examination Report needs to list and highlight the candidate’s role, responsibility, involvement in the project in each stage of the works, e.g. planning, investigation, analyses and design process, construction control, instrumentation & monitoring, solving technical and site challenges and issues, etc.
  6. Technical papers in journals and proceedings of local and international conferences and seminar written by the candidate can be listed in the report.

Contents in the Reports for Geotechnical Accredited Checker application are:-

  1. Compulsory requirement:-
    1. Design of slopes greater than 25 degrees and total vertical height more than 10 metres, or
    2. Design of retaining wall greater than 10m high (Walls can be reinforced concrete, reinforced earth or gravity wall).
  2. Supplementary requirement:-
    1. Design of basements greater than 2 levels, or
    2. Design of foundations (include both shallow and deep foundations) for buildings higher than 10 stories, or
    3. Design of ground treatment and embankment greater than 5m deep.

Contents in the Reports for Structural Accredited Checker application are:-

1. Compulsory requirement:-

For the compulsory requirement reports, the candidate is required to submit Two (2) projects namely Project 1 and Project 2 as follows;

A) Project 1

a. Buildings exceeding 20 storeys which has been designed for wind load and and has key structural elements with span exceeding 10 meters; or  

b. Buildings that will result in complex interactions with existing buildings;

B) Project 2

The candidate shall also to submit a project for his involvement was as a checking engineer of either for a whole building OR for only key structural elements of a building. The project checked can either be a new project where the involvement was during design stage OR existing project which has structural integrity problems.

2. Supplementary requirement:

To submit three (3) more projects of any type to show the extent of his design experience. The project can be as simple as low rise building or as complicated as the building’s with space frame, transfer structure, long span trusses, deep beams, etc.


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