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It is mandatory for applicants with diploma in engineering to register as Inspector of Works (IOW) if he/she wants to take up employment as an Inspector of Works (IOW). This is in accordance with Section 7(2)(ab) which specified that “an Inspector of Works who is registered with the Board may, subject to section 8, take up employment which requires him to assist the Professional Engineer in the supervision of engineering works”

A registered IOW shall conduct himself /herself honourably, responsibly, ethically and lawfully by following the Code of Conduct as determined by the Board.

With effect from 16th November 2023, the registration of IOWs shall be under one branch i.e. Engineering, as the registered IOWs may practise in any branch of engineering regardless of the branch of their qualifications. Prior to this date, registration of IOW was under the four (4) main engineering branches i.e. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical. The IOW branches prior to 16th November 2023 shall be redesignated to Engineering branches upon renewal of the IOW registration respectively.

An IOW can assist in the supervision works of any branch if he/she assists the Professional Engineer (PE) or Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate (PEPC) in the supervision of engineering works.



All existing IOW who are currently employed with an Engineering Consultancy Practice (ECP) have the right to be registered with the Board during the transition period by completing a BEM Declaration Form detailing their supervision experience and responsibilities duly endorsed by a Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate from the ECP they are employed with.

After the expiry of the saving grace period for existing IOW, the Board, on 22nd July 2021, decided to consider applications from IOW in existing practice, without the stipulated qualification requirements, to be registered as Intern IOW under Special Cases for Late Application Condition, as below:


Special case:

            1.         Nationality: Malaysian

            2.         Has working experience as IOW prior to year 31.12.2018.

            3.         Applied for IOW registration AFTER dateline 31.12.2018

            4.         The qualification programme not accredited or listed by MQA.

            5.         Show cause letter to explain why apply after dateline 31.12.2018.


If the above criteria are fulfilled, the applicant shall be registered as “Intern IOW.” As an Intern IOW, he/she can apply to be a registered IOW after obtaining a further two (2) years site experience, which is required to be verified and endorsed by a PE from the same firm(s) for submission, complete with the registration application.


IOW applicants with the required academic qualification and has already acquired the requisite supervision experience as below, can apply to be registered as IOW without the need to go through the internship period. His/her experience record shall be endorsed by his/her Employer’s Professional Engineer or Engineering Consultancy Practice to be true before submitting together
with his/her application form.

  • For Diploma holders - minimum 2 years site experience,
  • For Degree holders - minimum 1 year site experience,



Qualification of IOW to be eventually minimum at Diploma in Engineering accredited by the Board of Engineering Technology Accreditation Council (ETAC) as stated in the Requirements section. Applicants with qualifications at degree level accredited or recognised by the Board are also eligible to apply.

New IOW applicants, without site experience, shall be registered as Intern IOW and must work under the supervision of a registered IOW or a registered Engineer / Engineering Technologist with the minimum stipulated experience. His/her role is to assist his immediate superior(s) having oversight on him/her and is not permitted to certify completion of site works by the Contractor during his/her internship, which shall be carried out by his/her superior(s).

He/she can apply to be a registered IOW subject to the following conditions:

  • Diploma holders - minimum 2 years experience, and
  • Degree holders   - minimum 1 year experience,

The IOW experience must be verified and endorsed by a PEPC from the same firm(s) for submission complete with the registration application at the end of his/her internship period.



Subsection 10(E) stipulates the qualification for registration as an Inspector of Works with BEM. A person who holds any qualification which is recognized by the Board shall be entitled on application to be registered as Inspector of Works.

The recognized academic qualification for registration as an Inspector of Works with BEM includes the following:


  1. Engineering Diploma awarded by Malaysia:
  • Minimum Diploma in Engineering accredited by the Board’s Engineering Technology Accreditation Council (ETAC)
  • Minimum Diploma in Engineering accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) or equivalent recognised by BEM before 2012.


  1. Engineering Diploma awarded by Other Country
  • Diploma in Engineering accredited by professional body who are signatory of Dublin Accord (DA) is accepted. The Dublin Accord stipulates those qualifications accredited by other signatories are recognised by each signatory as being substantially equivalent to accredited for practice as an engineering technician within the engineering team.
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