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It is mandatory for university graduate to register as Graduate Engineer if he/she wants to take up employment as a Graduate Engineer. This is in accordance with section 7(2)(a) which specified that “A Graduate Engineer who is registered with the Board may, subject to section 8, take up employment which requires him to perform professional engineering services.

A Graduate Engineer is a person registered under Section 10(1) of the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2015).

According to Section 7(1B), a Graduate Engineer will be entitled to describe himself or hold himself out under any name, style or title using the abbreviation “Grad.Eng.” after his name or in any way associate with his name.



Section 10(1) defines the qualification for registration as a Graduate Engineer with BEM. A person who holds any qualifications in engineering which is recognised by the Board shall be entitled on application to be registered as a Graduate Engineer.

The recognised academic qualification for registration as a Graduate Engineer with BEM includes the following:

  1. Engineering Degree awarded by Malaysia:
    • An engineering degree accredited/recognised by Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC). The latest List of Accredited Engineering Programme (Malaysia) is available in EAC website at
  2. Engineering Degree awarded by Other Countries
    • The recognition of engineering degree from overseas (outside Malaysia) will be based on the accreditation given by professional body who is a signatory of Washington Accord (WA).
  3. Graduates with Engineering Technology Degree
    • Graduate with Degree in Engineering Technology is eligible to register as an Engineering Technologist. Further information is available here

Malaysia is a signatory of Washington Accord, an accord which recognises the substantial equivalence of such programmes in satisfying the academic requirements for the practice of engineering at the professional level. It is an exclusive agreement between engineering education accrediting bodies at the international level All engineering degree must be accredited by professional bodies which are signatories of Washington Accord. In Malaysia, Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) which comprises of BEM, MQA, JPA and IEM is the body accrediting engineering programme offered by local university.

List of professional body who are signatory of Washington Accord

BEM provides pathway for unrecognised engineering degree. Holders of unrecognised engineering degrees may select one of the following options:

  1. Master programme (taught course)
    Complete a Master’s programme (course work) in the related engineering discipline. Subjects to be taken in the Master programme must enhance the subjects taken in the BEng (Hons).

    Graduate is advised to submit the following documents for BEM's assessment prior taking up the Master programme. BEM will advise the graduate the subjects to be taken and its credit hours.

    1. Degree scroll
    2. Full official transcripts
    3. Details on the Master of Engineering such as course contents/subjects, duration etc.

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