Electrical Electrical

1. Regulatory Practice

  1. Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2015)
    • A Guide to Good Engineering Practice for M&E Engineers
  2. Street, Drainage and Building Act (Act No 133)
    • Assume understanding of topics covered under "Common Paper":
      • Introduction and a general overview on function of the Act.
      • 'Principal Submitting Person' and role of PSP
      • UBBL as by-law under the Act
      • Ministry and Government agency responsible.
      • Street lighting
    • Role of Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate PEPC) Electrical in support of PSP's duty and responsibilities.
  3. Uniform Building By-Law
    • Understanding of the topics covered under the "Common Paper":
      • UBBL as a uniform building design code for Peninsular Malaysia.
      • Introduction to UBBL and general description of the various Parts of the UBBL
      • Part VII - Fire Fighting. Understanding 'life safety' concept as prescribed in the UBBL (exit discharge, fire barriers/walls)
      • Responsibilities of PEPC in the certification process of Certificate of Completion and Compliance issuance.
    • Lighting requirement
    • Requirements of MS 1525
    • Lightning Protection requirement to MS IEC62305
    • Lifts requirement
    • Part VII - Fire Fighting Requirement pertaining to purpose/hazard class for building, fire barriers, etc
    • Part VIII - Fire Protection System, Fire Alarm, Fire Detections, Emergency power, Power Isolation, etc.
  4. The Electricity Supply Act1990 (Act 447) and Sarawak Electricity Ordinance (Chapter 50)
    • Ministry and Government agency responsibilities
    • Introduction to the Acts, Ordinance, Rules and Regulations, its function; Electrical safety, Regulator for electricity production, distribution and retail (licensing for IPPs, approval of tariffs, license premises, notification of accidents etc. electrical efficiency)
    • Competent persons registered under the Act in the submission procedure
    • Safety and 'control item' list under the Regulations.
    • Other Regulations under the Act:
      • Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulations (2008);
      • Electricity Regulations 1994 (Peninsular Malaysia & Sabah);
      • Electricity Rules 1999 (Sarawak).
      • Codes (Grid, Distribution, etc)
  5. The Energy Commission Act 2001 (Act 610)
    • Ministry and Government agency responsible.
    • Part III, Functions and Power of the Commission
  6. Factories and Machinery Act 1967
    • Electric Passenger and Goods lift Regulations
  7. Fire Services Act 1988 (Act 341)
    • Ministry and Government agency responsible
    • Function and Power of the DG of fire services
    • General Overview of the Act
    • Regulations under the Act
      • Fire Certification Regulations 2001.
  8. The Communications and Multimedia ACT 1998 (Act 588)
    • Ministry and Government agency responsible
    • Function and Power of the DG of Multimedia Commission
    • General Overview of ACT pertaining to telecommunications
    • "Technical Standards, Infrastructure Requirements" (TSIR, issued by MCMC).
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