Introduction Introduction

The function of the Training & Education Committee (T&E) is stated under Section 4(1)(ec) as follows:

To provide facilities for the promotion of learning and education and to hold or cause to be held professional development programmes, including continuing professional development programmes, for registered Persons to further enhance their knowledge in the latest developments relating to that profession.

Besides the above function, the T&E Committee also responsible :

  1. To plan and monitor the implementation of CPD for registered professional Persons ie :
    1. Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate
      • Requires 50 CPD for yearly renewal
    2. Professional Engineer
      • Requires 25 CPD for yearly renewal
    3. Inspector of Works (IOW)
      • Requires 30 CPD for triennial renewal
  2. To encourage, initiative, motivate and where necessary assist in conducting of activities such as courses, workshops, seminars suitable for registered Persons.
  3. To keep abreast of development in the training and education of registered engineers Persons and to advise the Board.
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